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Wesport Football is one of the leading agencies in Scandinavia and we represent both professional players and the best upcoming stars. Our goal is to maximize our clients' careers and help them with every step of the way. We are a global agency that represents talented athletes and we have an established network all over the world.

What we do...

Player development

The development of our clients is most important for us. We want to give our clients the best possible advice and help them to develop every day, both on and off the pitch

Sponsorship and branding

We think that branding and sponsorships are important in sports. That is why we help our clients with media and business opportunities. We develop sponsorships and partnerships that strengthen our clients' personal brand

Legal services

Wesport works with the best sports lawyers in the industry. No matter what your legal problem may be, we provide a complete service to help you with your legal problem

Contract negotations

Contract negotiation is an important part of football. For several years, we have helped our clients with contract negotiation to give them the best possible conditions for the future

Fitness and medical

When our clients need extra support with the medical or physical part, we are ready to offer the best possible help. Our performance coach has many years of experience in helping athletes at the highest level and he knows what it takes to become a professional athlete

Financial services

The financial part is important for professional athletes. We have financial advisors who help our clients with all financial issues and are there when support is needed

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